Originally invented by English potter Harvey Adams in the mid 1800's, mustache guards were so popular that many others were quick to claim their own patents.  While drinking, a man would rest his majestic mustache on the guard that stretched across the inside of the cup. The ledge would block beverages from messing up his mustache.  

"The invention of the mustache cup spread over Europe, until most potters featured a product with a similar design," according to the Rosenberg Library Museum in Galveston, Texas, which recently displayed a pair of 19th-century mustache cups as their Treasure of the Month. "For many decades in the mid 19th century, famous manufacturers such as Meissen, Royal Crown Derby, Imari, Royal Bayreuth, Limoges and others created their own versions of this masculine tableware."

Mustache cup production slowed after 1920 and finally faded from cups altogether by the later 20th century.  Righting this historical and nonsensical wrong, Blake Caldwell re-invented the mustache guard in 2014.  Blake added a critical, modern innovation to the classic mustache guard design however, by enabling it to fit on ANY cup.  Now, a single mustache guard can protect a man's whiskers for any libation, anytime, anywhere.  The MoGuard era was thus reborn.